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Game-based learning keeps kids motivated to learn, with exciting visuals while improving STEM skills!
All our Apps are designed to
– Keep kids motivated and engaged
– Improve visual attention, timing, coordination and control
– Track progress and monitor growth with reporting option
– Accessible to children with diverse learning needs

The turtles have decided to take over the underwater Aqua world. The fearless Octoremus has decided to fight back!! Emphasizes visual attention, timing, and learning cause-and-effect.


A forest fire is raging , can you save the forest? Use Zumo Turtle to put of the fires with your rescue
helicopter and save the forest! Emphasizes visual attention, timing, and learning cause-and-effect.


Help Zyro races through the sky, collecting stars and power-ups that give him special powers. Helps children with visual attention, timing, and learning cause-and-effect.



Tommy the Turtle – Learn to Code helps children learn the basics of coding. With an accessible interface, kids of all ages and abilities can use commands, sequences, and loops to make Tommy the Turtle move, dance, and sing on-screen. In challenge mode, children can test their coding abilities by solving the Tommy the Turtle challenges with his friends. Curriculum resources available at

**Curriculum Coverage**
Learning to code helps children develop problem solving and computational thinking skills.

Octoremus is still on the mission to defend the sea world from invading turtles. Help him win the fight by using your addition skills to take the ocean back!

**Curriculum Coverage**
OctoPlus covers the following Operations & Algebraic Thinking Math Topics: Add numbers to 10; Add in any order; Make a number.

Test your subtraction skills and help Octoremus protect the sea world from the invading turtles. Subtract any number up to 10.

**Curriculum Coverage**
OctoMinus covers the following Operations & Algebraic Thinking Math Topics: Subtract within 5; Represent subtraction with equations.

How far can you run? Test your counting skills as Zyro races through the city, collecting stars and power-ups that give you special powers.

**Curriculum Coverage**
ZyroMath City Count covers the following Counting and Cardinality Math Topics: Count to 100 by ones and by tens; Count forward beginning from a given number within the known sequence; Understand that each successive number name refers to a quantity that is one larger

Help the Wootzy clan find the right spaceship by matching their colors to the same colored spaceship.

**Curriculum Coverage**
Color recognition is an important step in cognitive development for children. It plays a part in object recognition, and helps a child develop descriptive language skills that will ensure clear communication.

     Magic TimeMagic Time
At each hour and half hour our clocks chime to tell us when it’s the magic time. Interactive story with mini-games to teach and reinforce telling time.


Gigi loves her Zumo Turtle! Find out why in Her Zumo Story and see why Zumo is her best friend. Provides a basic introduction to Zumo through a read-along tale.

Meet Georgie and his friend Zumo. Find out how he uses Zumo to play his fun apps.Provides a basic introduction to Zumo through a read-along tale.

Take a magical trip to the zoo where children learn to count the animals too! Counting Zoo reinforces counting skills 1 through 10 by introducing young readers through an interactive read-along story.

Can you find and name the shapes that we see everyday? Shapes make up our world and they are every where we see. An interactive read-along story introduces children to basic geometric shapes.

Some animals from the zoo have escaped! Can you help count down to see how many animals we are missing at the zoo. Countdown Zoo reinforces counting skills 10 through 0 for young readers.

Wootzy friends have come to share the beauty of colors found here and there. Wootzy Colors teaches and reinforces the concepts of colors by leading children through a story with a space-based theme.

What animals can the Name Game spell with the letters of your name? The Name Game leverages several Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to help children discover animals from all over the world through the spelling of their name.

In Animal Alphabet – Learn about the science of animals while combining early reading skill through the ABCs. C is for CHEETAH, the fastest land animal to be seen. With my long legs, I was built to be a speed machine. (Coming Soon)


In Shape Explorer – the Gigglies are here to show us the way. They make us giggle and help us play.  As they introduce each shape, be sure to shout. Make sure to name them as you point them out! (Coming Soon)

Robot Plau

In Robot Play, learn about the amazing world of robots. Robots are amazing. They do all kinds of stuff. Robots build things in factories that for people is quite tough. (Coming Soon)

Money Count

In Money Count, learn about the different ways to count money. There is money, money everywhere. Money for counting. Money to share. (Coming Soon)