Learn math facts and read STEM Storiez with fun, engaging apps!

Game-based learning keeps kids motivated to learn, with exciting visuals while improving math skills!

All our Apps are designed to
– Keep kids motivated and engaged
– Improve math skills
– Improve visual attention, timing, coordination and control
– Track progress and monitor growth with reporting option
– Adapt to individual learning needs


The turtles have decided to take over the underwater Aqua world. The fearless Octoremus has decided to fight back!! Help him win.
A forest fire is raging , can you save the forest? Use Zumo Turtle to put of the fires with your rescue helicopter and save the forest!
Help Zyro races through the sky, collecting stars and power-ups that give him special powers.
More coming soon!
More coming soon!
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Gigi loves her Zumo Turtle! Find out why in Her Zumo Story and see why Zumo is her best friend.
Meet Georgie and his friend Zumo. Find out how he uses Zumo to play his fun apps. Zumo is the stuffed friend that you can take with you anywhere!
Counting Zoo is the perfect app to engage young readers with an interactive read-along story including stunning visuals, animations, and sounds.
Can you find and name the shapes that we see everyday? Shapes make up our world and they are every where we see.
Some animals from the zoo have escaped! Can you help count down to see how many animals we are missing at the zoo.
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Octoremus is still on the mission to defend the sea world from invading turtles. Help him win the fight by using your addition skills to take the ocean back!
Test your subtraction skills and help Octoremus protect the sea world from the invading turtles. Subtract any number up to 10.
How far can you run? Test your counting skills as Zyro races through the city, collecting stars and power-ups that give you special powers.
Help the Wootzy clan find the right spaceship by matching their colors to the same colored spaceship.
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– Customize print size, sound/voice, visuals, and animations
– Multiple user profiles
– Track progress and monitor growth with reporting option
– Earn prizes in the ZyroStore
– Bluetooth connectivity
– Available on App Store or Google Play

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